Ecotrail Dão

It is possible to cross the cities of Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dão by the new Ecotrail. There are about 52 km to go cycling or walking along the old branch of Dao, disused railway line for nearly two decades.
The course is a must for the stunning scenery, fresh air and for making sport an option.
The Dão line connected the Beira Alta line, in the station of Santa Comba Dão to the city of Viseu, a distance of 49,214 km.
Inaugurated on 25th November 1890, was the first rail to get to Viseu, many years before the line of Vouga. In August 1972 the service of goods was closed, followed by the closure of the remaining rail service on 25th September 1988.

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